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Pioneering Change in Tech: A sit down with Bridget Greenwood and Dr. Amber Ghaddar & Hannah Hunt from 356 Finance

Explore an inspiring dialogue with our co-founders, Bridget Greenwood and Dr. Amber Ghaddar, as they delve into their transformative journey within the tech sector. This…

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Beyond the Code: The Ethical Crossroads of AI Development

Following on from our “Mindf*ck to Mindful” article, we explored how Silicon Valley might be a crucible of technological advancement, but its luminous glow often…

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From Mindf*ck to Mindful: Pioneers, Pitfalls, and the Path Forward for AI

Drawing from the revelations in the Rolling Stone article, it’s evident that the concerns of AI experts have long been echoing in the corridors of…

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🚀 Investing in Difference: How VC Funding Can Benefit from Rethinking Female 🚺 Social Norms 🚀

Did you know that gender-based societal norms can significantly impact an entrepreneur’s ability to secure venture capital (VC) funding? 🤔 Research has shown that biases…

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Mastering the Art of Emailing: A Guide to Attracting the Right VC Investors

🚀📧 Mastering the Art of Emailing: A Guide to Attracting the Right VC Investors 📈💰 🌟 Are you an entrepreneur seeking VC funding? Capturing the attention of venture capitalists (VCs) is no easy task, but fear not! I’ve curated a comprehensive guide to help you master the art of emailing and increase your chances of getting investors to read your email. Check out the article…

The Gender Index Report 2022. Results for Wales and Northern Ireland

The gender inequality in female-led businesses is still stubbornly high. However, women play an essential role in economic growth in the UK and around the globe.
Earlier in the blog series, we examined the gender inequality results in England and Scotland; now, we’ll take a closer look at Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Is Gender Inequality in Business Still Prominent? The Gender Index Report 2022

Gender inequality in business is about more than just the wage disparity between men and women; it’s also about female-led companies or their evident lack.In the UK and worldwide, women continue to face barriers, such as problems accessing external funding, gender biases, skewed household dynamics, or a lack of support, when establishing businesses.

What every female entrepreneur needs to know about pitching themselves

Although not all startup founders seek external financing to grow their business, those who do are well aware of the difficulties of the pitching process.

Raising funding for female founders is even more daunting than for their male counterparts due to prevailing stigmas around women making big moves in business. 1% of early-stage capital flows into enterprises started by women.

The 200 Billion Club: Web.3.0 trends out of Europe

What are the latest web3 trends out of Europe? Watch this talk by Bridget GREENWOOD the co-founder of The 200 Billion Club at SIS22 to find out!

At the intersection of AI and Blockchain – A talk by Amber Ghaddar

Amber Ghaddar, Founder of The 200 Billion Club and AllianceBlock, gave a keynote on the intersection of AI and blockchain at SIS22. In this talk, she discusses how these technologies are changing various industries and what that means for the future.