Pitch Requirements

    Guide to your pitch deck submission:

    We read every pitch that is sent to us.

    However, in order to facilitate processing please follow the below steps in your pitch creation:

    We will then either get back to you with request for a more detailed pitch or with pointers on what your business is missing (in particular for seed projects)

    Rule of thumb for pitch decks

    • Use as few words as possible
    • Make it visual
    • Use numbers where you can
    • 1 idea or 3 bullet points

    In a nutshell keep it simple!

    1. Context or trend
    2. Problem/opportunity 3 slides : What is the problem, Why hasn’t it been solved, How you plan to crack it
    3. Product/Service 3 slides : What is the value proposition – short and simple, How (demo of product), Why : testimonial, why users/clients love the product)
    4. Target/Market: What is the initial and future target, How you compete, and Why you will succeed
    5. Execution/data: Go to market/distribution , business model, key performance indicators
    6. People

    This is a brief summary of what we expect and is actually credited to Jean de La Rochebrochard, partner at Kima Venture and our co-founder Amber’s first internship boss. Since her move into entrepreneurship Amber has dutifully and successfully followed his notes on how to write the best pitch deck.

    Here are the links to How to make a compelling pitch deck and the Pitch deck template for you to use.

    Download the pdf that shows what we ask for in your application so you can prepare before submitting it online.

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